Weekends At Grandpas 4 – Amy Faye – Grandpas Gonna Get It – I Got Grandpa Up

Weekends At Grandpas 4 – Amy Faye – Grandpas Gonna Get It – I Got Grandpa Up


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Weekends At Grandpas 4 – Amy Faye – Grandpas Gonna Get It – I Got Grandpa Up

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Scene 1:

If He Gives Me What I Want

Dear Diary,
After an awesome time with my Uncle and getting so much insight I decided to visit Grandpa to get help with my trip. Grandpa was warm and welcoming when I arrived at his condo in the city unannounced. After some small talk I could tell Grandpa wasn’t paying attention to my words so I pitched my deal and made my move.
At first it seemed he wasn’t going to take my offer but when my hand closed around his cock Grandpas attitude changed. By the time his cock was in my mouth Grandpa was agreeing with whatever I wanted. We started fucking soon after and it was so hot Grandpa didn’t last long. I think I’m going to have to fuck him again though, I can’t stop thinking of his big cock.
Love Always Amy

Scene 2:

All Night Long

Dear Diary,
After our explosive encounter on the couch I laid in bed thinking of Grandpas cock and couldn’t fall asleep. I went to grandpas room and jumped on the bed startling him awake. I told him what was wrong and proceeded to pull down the covers.
I sucked Grandpas cock teasingly til it was rock hard then I straddled him. I rode grandpa til I came a few times then he took control. We fucked all over the bed until finally he exploded and we fell asleep together with his cock still draining inside me. Oh dear I forgot my pill too.
Love Always Amy

Scene 3:

Best Breakfast EVER!!!

Dear Diary,
The morning I left Grandpa was in the kitchen making coffee. I went to thank him and his towel fell to the floor revealing his raging hardon. Being the greatful granddaughter I am I dropped to my knees and took him in my mouth. It didn’t take long before grandpa gave me the tastiest breakfast ever, a mouthful of his cum… Now I see where Daddy gets it from.

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