SashaCurves – Breeding Mom, Cucking Dad


SashaCurves – Breeding Mom, Cucking Dad



Mom and dad want to talk to. We know you’ve been excited for us to give you a little brother or sister but it’s just not working out. This is awkward to discuss with your father in the room but…

See, the thing is, dad’s cock is just too small and he’s got such a huge problem with premature ejaculation that he’s really just not a man anymore. Sorry, I know you’re upset. Aw honey, I appreciate the offer but you can’t help me out with this one, that’s not something a son can do for his mom. Wait, what are you doing? Stop, not in front of your dad, this is so wrong but…oh…fuck… how did you know how to do that thing with your tongue?

Mom gives in and gives herself to you right in front of dad as you show her how a real man can make her feel. You fuck her the roughest and most passionately she’s ever experienced, and give her orgasm after orgasm in your parents’ bed. Mom’s loving it so much she begins berating your dad, commanding him to sit in the corner like the pathetic cuck he is and watch his own son fuck his wife like he never could…


Name: SashaCurves – Breeding Mom, Cucking Dadmp4
Format: mp4 – : 2.2 GB – 00:35:50 – 1920 x 1080

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