Sarah DiAvola – Cyberjerk 4

Sarah DiAvola – Cyberjerk 4

Sarah DiAvola – Cyberjerk 4


In this clip, Sarah DiAvola plays a bratty webcam girl who "cyberjerks" men to their deaths… She’s got another horny audience of hundreds of men awaiting her masturbation games, and she enjoys teasing and destroying her followers on a mere whim. Their cocks are hooked up in their "pussy simulator" fleshlight tubes, and Sarah has them hooked up so that her computer can also read their minds…

She is dressed in a sexy outfit that exposes her beautiful, bare legs. She is going to play a game with you. She has several pairs of closed toe pumps lined up next to her. She start to dangle the first pair, telling you that you must start jerking off to her dangling high heels. As you watch and jerk off, you must mentally choose which shoe she will let slip from her toes, the right or the left…. If you guess correctly, you get to continue jerking your cock and go to the next round of the game. But if you guess wrong, the sensor will read your minds and send a lethal jolt to your cock, killing you instantly the moment her shoe hits the floor! She enjoys teasing you with her dangling, switching legs…


Name: Sarah DiAvola – Cyberjerk4mp4
Format: mp4 – Size: 524.35 MB – 00:22:30 – 1280 x 720

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