Rachel Steele – MILF1388HD – Instructed to Cum

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Rachel Steele – MILF1388HD – Instructed to Cum


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Hot mom Rachel had recently begun a taboo sexual relationship with her son, Richard. Soon after, she learned that he would be going away on a week’s trip with his school. For Rachel, this was horrible news. It was almost unthinkable to her that she should have to go such a length of time without having her hungry MILF pussy fucked by her son’s big cock. Therefore, a couple of days before he was due to depart, Rachel tried to talk him into staying home. She used every sexual argument she could think of to strengthen her case. In a sultry, wanton voice, she told Richard that she would even let him fuck her in the ass, and would afterwards suck his cock clean for him. Unfortunately, she could not get him to change his mind. Moving on from this setback, Rachel asked that he at least call her every evening for some intense phone-sex. She suggested that they could develop a kind of role-play calendar for the week. Each evening she would act a different character for him. Sometimes this might be a nurse or a teacher. On one special night, she would simply be herself: the horny mom missing her son’s cock in her moist holes. Richard eagerly agreed to this. Several days later, Rachel was in her bedroom. Her son was well into his trip, and she had already enjoyed a couple of hot evenings on the phone with him. Checking her role-play calendar for the coming night, she saw that it was the turn of the classy mom theme. Immediately she started to prepare for it. From out of her bedside drawer, she took her three favorite dildos and laid them on the bed. A sexy smile played on her lips as she thought of what she was going to do with them. Next Rachel fetched some stockings, a black skirt and a white blouse from her closet. She then peeled off her pretty housedress – revealing herself in nothing but a bra that showed off the cleavage of her lovely big tits. Her naked pussy was clearly displayed as she ran the stockings up her smooth, shapely legs, and fastened the tops to her suspender belt. Following that, she unclasped her bra, spending a moment deliciously topless before putting on the white blouse and buttoning it all the way up. Its tightness caused it to hug very suggestively around her tits – even showing off the outlines of her long nipples. Last came the black dress. Like the blouse, it clung tight so that her body’s every sweet contour could be appreciated. A pair of black high-heels brought her elegant MILF look to perfect completion. Throughout the whole dress-up, Rachel mused in hot and breathy tones about all the fun she was going to have teasing Richard. Sadly for Rachel, he did not call her at the planned time. Growing impatient, she ended up laying back on her bed and starting things without him. Soon her skirt was off and her fingers were rubbing and probing her naked pussy until it was moist and ready for a dildo fucking. Eyes closed, easing one of the plastic rods deep inside herself, Rachel moaned and cooed. Imagining her son could hear her after all, she uttered such teasing, forbidden things as: Don’t you want to fuck your mother, Richard? and come to ! As time went on, she became even more aroused and wild in her behavior. Parting her stockinged legs wide, she started using two dildos on both her holes at once. Later, while continuing to ease one of the dildos in and out of her ass, she sucked on the other one. She had just taken it from her pussy, and it was coated with her juices. Right when she was speaking of how she wished it was the real cock of her son, the young man finally called her. Lying back on her bed, a fat dildo wedged deep into her pussy, she gave him a warm and loving welcome. Then she got down to turning him on. She described her classy outfit to him, and told him to stroke his big cock for his while she played with herself. Presently she got on to her hands and knees and let him know that she was in the doggy-position – her son’s favorite. Rachel spent the remainder of the call sucking long, hard, sensually and skillfully on one of the dildos. All the while, she pretended she was doing it to Richard’s cock. This proved too much for the young man, and he ended up blowing his load from the sizzling phone-sex performance of his gorgeous sex-pot mother. Meanwhile, Rachel smiled and pressed the head of the dildo to her blouse as she pretended to take her son’s cum all over her chest and tits. This done, she chided him for being away and missing the real thing. Consolingly, she added that she might role-play a flight-attendant for him the following evening. The call over, Rachel stretched out like a satisfied cat. She had had a great time fantasizing with her son, and she felt sure that he now regretted leaving her for the week. Such a tough separation would never happen again.


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