Perversion Productions – Moving Day with Aunty Juno

 Perversion Productions - Moving Day with Aunty Juno


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Perversion Productions – Moving Day with Aunty Juno

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End of the month and Max was offered a room in a 4 bedroom house with some friends. Needless to say it’s moving day. Everyone is generally busy today. His friends can help him with moving on any day but today. His parents don’t have a truck although they asked Aunty Juno if she could help Max move with her One Ton Van. It’s a squeeze of a day for her, though she’s able to help after she gets off work. Max has been a touch along the line of intimidated by his Aunty Juno ever since she became a part of the family. She must stand close to 6’4 in heels and over all a sexy powerful amazon type woman. Not much conversation ever and he sometimes questions what a woman like her would see in his uncle. It will be an easy move though…she’ll pick him up, ten minutes of moving stuff in to the van, some small talk and ten or so minutes moving it out. Max really doesn’t have much to say but “thank you”! Shortly into the drive a cat runs right in front of the van causing Aunty Juno to SLAM on the brakes! “Are you alright she asks?” proceeding to look back to see if she broke any of Max’s belongings…To her surprise/disgust she finds Max’s porn collection scattered all over the back of her van. She gives him the run down on how these women are nasty and etc etc etc. Feeling like he needed her help to basically “Transport his porn”. She is not impressed. Crawling over to the back of the van and sifting through his porn It’s clear that he likes older women and has a foot fetish

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