OliveWood – A Wedding Gift for Your Daughter


OliveWood – A Wedding Gift for Your Daughter [1080p]




It’s the day of your daughter’s wedding and she desperately needs some male advice. She’s been up since 4 am trying to decide which lingerie to choose for her special night and to help with her indecision, she’d like to model a few for you. She tells you not to peek, but of course you do. As you watch her slip from one skimpy outfit to another, you can’t conceal your growing excitement in your pants. She pretends not to notice at first, but she can’t get over how huge you are in comparison to her fiancé and urges you to expose yourself to her. You can’t bring yourself to deny her as takes you in hands before using her mouth and her oiled tits to bring you to the edge. Soon you find yourself tasting her as she begs you to throw her into her bed and use her just hours before her wedding ceremony.


Name: OliveWood_A-Wedding-Gift-for-Your-Daughtermov
Format: mov – Size: 1.35 GB – 00:26:51 – 1920 x 1080

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