[NatalieWonder] – It’s Touchy Time Now Because Mommy’s Lil Boy Won’t Be Pure & Innocent Like This…


[NatalieWonder] – It’s Touchy Time Now Because Mommy’s Lil Boy Won’t Be Pure & Innocent Like This Forever remaster


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My fantasy involves Mommy, her very much younger son, taboo age play talk, domination and pov virtual sex. Mommy’s been wanting to play with her young boy’s penis for quite some time now. Daddy left the house before. Her boy is taking his nap. This is her chance. She quietly walks into the room and gets into bed, careful not to wake her napping boy. Ever so carefully she lifts the covers and takes a peek at his little winky. Even though she knows it’s wrong she wants to touch it so bad. Mommy takes her pants off and gets under the covers. She begins masturbating while fondling him. He’s still resting but then begins to rouse. Mommy stops and comforts him. She says she wants to play and make each other feel good. Mommy insists on touching. She tells him to rub his little penis for Mommy, jerk it, like this. He doesn’t understand what this all means but it makes Mommy feel good.Son doesn’t want to do it anymore so Mommy get’s stern. If he doesn’t do what Mommy says she will hurt his little weewee. More fondling, masturbating & dirty talk ensues.


Name: Natalie Wonder – It’s Touchy Time Nowmp4
Format: mp4 – Size: 199.02 MB – 00:14:54 – 1280 x 720

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