Mistress Stella – Mommy’s Good Girl

Mistress Stella – Mommy’s Good Girl

Mistress Stella – Mommy’s Good Girl

Mommy knows best, sissy. Simply lie down on my warm lap with your head resting on my large motherly breasts while I milk your overly-sensitive sissy stick. No thoughts. No actions. Just sink into my gentle, yet dominant embrace. I want to make you feel like you’re the most precious girly girl in the whole wide world.

As you feel the warmth of my soft milky breasts on either side of your head, let Mommy reach down to stroke that itty bitty clitty of yours. Slowly and gently, but with a firmness that says “you belong to me, babygirl”. Of course, no squirting until I command it. As long as I control your pleasure center, you’ll do every little thing I say. Things start to heat up when I bring my other hand further down, to probe at your soft little princess hole. There’s no use resisting Mommy. I’ll do as I please with your feminine holes.

Once I have you completely ensnared in my soothingly-erotic milking session, I’ll start talking about your favorite subject. real men’s cocks. If you’re a good girl and hold in all your sissy cream until the end, maybe I’ll think about milking you dry. Don’t keep Mommy waiting. It’s time to listen and obey.

34 minutes of pleasurable obedience to Mommy Stella


01. Mommy’s Good Girl (34:06)

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