Missbehavin26 – Mom And Son Bathtub Fun

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Missbehavin26 – Mom And Son Bathtub Fun


Mom and Son Hot Tub (POV) Scene 1 (3min) After a recent divorce, a sexy mom (you) and her 18-year-old son go on a vacation. They decide to share a room since money is tight. They arrive in their hotel room late at night and mom wants to go downstairs for a swim in the hot tub. She goes into the bathroom to change into her bathing suit. When she comes out, her bathing suit is covered by a white bathrobe. She brings a bottle of wine and a glass for herself. She takes her son by the hand and they go downstairs.

Scene 2 (17min) They are at the hot tub.
Son is already in and mom is standing before him still wearing her robe. She opens the wine and has a big sip. She tells him that the bathing suit she bought is new and that she wants his opinion on how it looks. She seductively removes the robe to reveal a very sexy leopard print bikini. She twirls around to show off her amazing body before slipping into the hot tub with her son.
They chat about the divorce briefly (no more than 2mins) and mom starts to worry that she will never be wanted by another man. She continues to sip from her glass. Suddenly she reveals that before the divorce, she was going to discuss having another baby with dad. She giggles and says that she shouldn’t be telling her son this. She goes on about how much she wanted to be a mom again after son leaves for college. She takes another sip and splashes the warm water all over her body. Suddenly, she notices her son has an erection. They are both embarrassed at first, but mom admits that she is getting turned on from it. She slides her fingers between her legs and starts pleasuring herself while instructing her son to do the same.
They masturbate together briefly.

Eventually, mom decides to go one step further. She asks son if he wants to see her naked. He does. She climbs out of the tub and seductively removes her bikini top and bottom. She climbs on top of him. She asks him if he wants to fuck her. He does. She warns him that she is not on birth control and if he cums inside her she could get pregnant. He doesn’t mind. She slides his cock inside her and they fuck. They continue until he cums deep inside her. Afterwards, she admits that she is ovulating and she was hoping to get pregnant by him this trip. She asks him if he wants to be a father. He does. Ecstatic, she mentions that she didn’t cum yet and they could increase their chances if they cum at the same time. To get him hard again, she gives him a classy blowjob until his erection returns.
When he is hard again, she slides him back inside her pussy, commenting on how wet it is from his seed. While they fuck, she continues to make comments about how excited she is to become pregnant by her son. She is about to cum, and so is he. She grabs his hands and places them on her breasts while they both orgasm. He shoots a huge load directly into her womb.
He stays inside her for a minute, letting his cum settle into her fertile pussy. She gives him a deep kiss and thanks him.


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