Meana Wolf – Toilet Training Series

Meana Wolf - Toilet Training Series

Meana Wolf – Toilet Training Series

This clip is the first instalment in my Toilet Slavery Training Series. The intended purpose of this Series is to train you to be the very best toilet slave you can be. This first clip is the application process. It is essentially a job interview.It describes the type of slave I’m looking for, what I expect from you, what the training process entails, and how your life will be when you shed your current meaningless existence and begin your new purposeful life as my personal toilet slave. It goes into great detail of how I will begin training you very slowly, to get you accustomed to all the new sights and sounds, smells and flavours that are involved with receiving a goddesses excrement.This series is designed to elevate you from a slave who fantasizes about about cleaning my pussy and ass after I use the toilet, to a full out $hit eating, piss guzzling porcelain bowl with one purpose; To eat from me, and to drink from me…forever. The application process requires you to email me some information. Watch the video and send your answers to
xoxo Meana Wolf


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