MandyFlores – Mandy&Alison BlackWidowSisters

MandyFlores – Mandy&Alison BlackWidowSisters

MandyFlores – Mandy&Alison BlackWidowSisters


High rollers and big winners always get special treatment from the casinos. We intervene and introduce ourselves as compliments of the Casino. We offer him a drink that we’ve spiked with a sedative mixed with Viagra. Hes beginning to get a little dizzy and extremely horny and we coax him into giving us the code to his safe that has a briefcase full of his winnings tonight.

Now its time for you to do nighty night for good. Allison sits on his face slowly smothering him only allowing him to barely breath as I tell him all about his fate and who we really are. We are the famous Black widow sisters and lucky for you we have a trademark on how we off our victims.


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