Mama Fiona – Mom is an Escort 2160p

Mama Fiona – Mom is an Escort 2160p



You are staying at a swanky hotel by yourself and you’ve decided that tonight is the night – you’re going to lose your virginity no matter what it takes! So, you hire an escort. You are getting ready in the bathroom when she arrives, and when you go to introduce yourself you find none other than… YOUR OWN MOM!??!!? WHAT!? you are in disbelief, and so is mommy! I explain to you that yes, I am an escort. And no, you are NOT going to pay for me with basically my own money. But I didn’t come all the way over here for nothing, son. I’m going to leave with some satisfaction. I’ve always been curious about what my son could do with his dick… i’ve always been curious about my boy. So I DEMAND that you fuck me! I give you a sexy blowjob followed by a sensual seduction before spreading my holes for you in doggy, and then climbing on top for the climax. I am talking DIRTY, FILTHY, calling myself a slutty whore, a whore for my son. How i’m going to become such a slut for my OWN boy! How I want you to use my cunt for your pleasure. I take your virginity, beg you to cum inside, and leave you wondering what the hell just happened. Did you just fuck your own mom!? Did your whore escort mommy just take your virginity! Did we really just do this??? Yes, son. Yes we did. Mommy always gets what she wants!


Name: Mama Fiona – Mom is an Escortmp4
Format: mp4 – : 4.12 GB – 00:35:13 – 3840 x 2160

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