Little Puck – piss fest

Little Puck – piss fest

Little Puck – piss fest


My First Pee Vid Ever! 5 Scenes of Pissing in Different Styles. 1st) sitting in the shower wearing a crop top, peeing with my legs up. I tell you i’ve been holding this one for awhile! 2nd) wetting my hot pink boy shorts in my bedroom 3rd) up close and personal pissing pussy shot on the toilet 4th) pee anxiousness, rubbing my legs together, then ditching my panties & finally urinating in the toilet, wearing another crop top with one foot on the seat, smiling and telling myself to pee 5th) doggy style pissing all over the floor! You can hear the pretty tinkling of my clear stream all over the tile. My pee splashes all over me and I rub it on my legs and feet, it’s so wet everywhere that I twirl around in it for fun


Name: little puck piss festmp4
Format: mp4 – Size: 152.48 MB – 00:10:03 – 1280 x 720

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