Lil Charlotte – Coolest Mom

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Lil Charlotte – Coolest Mom

Mom lies on her bed fully dressed in casual clothes holding a book. Step-Son is sitting on the same bed fully dressed looking at porn on a laptop. The screen is angled away from m0m. "Are you done your homework or are you looking up naked girls again? I knew it! And right in front of your own step-mother you little pervert." She says playfully. She sighs, "Do you want to show step-mommy what it is that you’re so fascinated by? Come on! What’s the big deal? It’s just porno, everybody looks at porno. I’m just wondering what you are into these days."
Son shows her the laptop. "Holy ! Wow, okay. Porno is not what it used to be is it? So this is what you like?" S0n nods. "Oiled up butts and boobs? Cum flying everywhere? Oh come on, don’t be shy, you know I’m a cool step-mom. I’m probably the coolest step-mom around!" She looks back at the computer. "So this video, ‘titty-fucked-milf,’ this turns you on?" Step-Son nods. "Have you ever fucked a girl’s tits?" Step-Son shakes head no, and step-mom is a bit relieved. "Okay. I didn’t think so do you want to fuck mine?" "Are you serious" step-son says. "Yea, it’s not a big deal if you don’t want to but it wouldn’t be very hard to do. I have baby oil right here if you want to try it out," she says smiling. "Then yes, absolutely yes!" says step-son. "Great!" says m0m as she puts the book aside, pulls off her sweater revealing her bra. "Now you gotta take those off," she points to his pants. She lies down on her back, "Come up here and straddle m0mmy’s chest. " He does, his erection wavers above her tits. "Is that for me? Baby! I’m flattered.
Do you think I could compete with those girls online?" she says as she oils her cleavage. She removes her bra but keeps her nipples covered with her hands, holding her tits together. "You seem to be mesmerized by my boobs," she chuckles, "earth to adam: do you want to try sliding it in between?" She reveals her nipples as he starts to slide back and forth between her tits. "MMmmmm, that’s nice. Does it feel good baby? To be in your m0ther’s bed, fucking your m0ther’s tits? Fuck it sounds hot just saying it!" She looks down at his cock bobbing in and out of her cleavage. Smiling, she sticks out her tongue. "I can almost touch it. Can you imagine? If I wrapped my lips around it. If I took it deep in my throat?" Smiling, she licks the head. "But that would be wrong wouldn’t it? A m0ther sucking her step-son’s cock. Yea I think that would be incest. Right now it’s just skin rubbing against skin. It’s completely innocent. If you cum, it’s not my fault. I’m just holding onto my boobs." "Please step-mom!" says step-son. "I’m sorry baby, I’m a cool step-mom, but I don’t want to do anything we might regret later" He continues fucking her tits. "But if I were to stick out my tongue, and you were to cum, while we were both minding our own business would that be wrong? Cum all over your step-mother’s mouth cum dripping down my tits I’m just going to stick out my tongue, and if you happen to cum on my face on my boobs we can both say we’re innocent right?" She sticks out her tongue and he unloads all over her.

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