Kitty LeRoux – Sperm-Seeking Succubus

Kitty LeRoux – Sperm-Seeking Succubus

Kitty LeRoux – Sperm-Seeking Succubus


One evening, with your mind far from your head, you made the decision to draw a pentagram and try to summon a succubus. Turns out, you didn’t do such a great job, and hours and hours later, after going to bed horny, but getting a full night’s – you open your door to find a barely conscious succubus on your door step. "So…hungry." You bring her inside and feed her melon bread (ok, it’s pan dulce). She gets just enough energy to tell you that what she was really looking for when she was asking you to feed her was…cum. Even with such little energy, she oozes sexuality and begins to instruct you and give you amazing jerk off guidance so you can feed her a nice load of cum. You’re embarrassed when you miss and hit her face instead, but she barely blinks and just uses her hand to smear the cum down to her hungry lips and tongue.

Like the most perverted wake-up-from-a-kiss princess scene, the moment your cum touches her lips, she’s more energized and sits up happily. You’ve got one problem…she wants MORE. She giggles cutely and seductively tells you that her saliva will fix any problem you have. "I can make you hard as many times as I want, you get to cum multiple times…win, win- no?" She’s not as innocent as she had been, and calls you ‘honey’ as she sucks on you hungrily. The succubus wants to swallow your load, and does exactly that. With a mouth full of cum, you shock her yet again when your dick continues to squirt over and over again all over her face and huge tits. "Oh I don’t mind at all. I’d love to bathe in your cum!" At full energy, she doesn’t want to stop and wants your cock inside her. She thinks she’s got complete control over you now. You are so amped up, you were already hard and waiting for this third round!

Getting on top of you, an odd look comes across her face…"has *it* grown since the blowjob?" She looks extremely confused, and a bit overwhelmed. It has, in fact, become huge. Was it a side affect from her saliva? She doesn’t know. As she begins to ride you, she realizes she needs you to go slow so she can take time to warm up her tight succubus pussy…but something has come over you. You need it, you need to fuck her and you need to fuck her hard. Your dick is swollen with lust and you grab her hips and pull her tight pussy down over it. Her eyes go wide and she almost screams…with pain AND pleasure. "No…no…please slow down…You’re going to make me cum!" But you’re not going to slow down, are you? No- you’re going to fuck her silly. She cums so hard her eyes cross and she can’t even see straight. "Please…don’t stop, it hurts so good." You’re not going to stop. In fact, you’re going to pull her down ALL the way on your swollen dick and stretch her out more and unload a ungodly amount of cum inside her.

I’m a bit surprised to see this isn’t already here! Kitty plays a starving succubus who is desperate for cum. Sex acts include: JOI, blowjob (simulated), POV riding (simulated), multiple cumshots (simulated).


Name: Kitty LeRoux Sperm-Seeking Succubusmp4
Format: mp4 – Size: 777.77 MB – 00:20:17 – 1920 x 1080

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