Jolie Lyon – Mom and son start a family together

Jolie Lyon_Mom-and-son-start-a-family-together

Jolie Lyon – Mom and son start a family together – $14.99



It was really rough for your mommy when your father left the family. She doesn’t trust men now – the only man she trusts is you, her son. She calls you the man of the house now, she says she doesn’t need a husband with such a good son in the house. You love her – maybe even a little too much, and you know your thoughts and wet dreams about your own mommy are taboo. You spend your time in class daydreaming about her. You want to care for her, and show her you can help provide for her – so you’ve applied for a part time job.

The morning of your job interview, you’re nervous. You didn’t get a lot of rest – you mom was in your dreams all night. She tells you how handsome you look, and asks if there’s anything she can do to help you relax. You must be crazy – because when you open your mouth, you hear yourself asking for a blowjob. She’s surprised, but flattered, and she wants to support you. You can’t believe it when she gets on her knees and helps you finish in her throat.

You go to the station and get on the bus to take you to the office. The events that just happened flashes through your mind. Your mom on her knees with your dick pumping in her mouth… somehow, you manage to focus during your interview, and they hire you on the spot. When you text your mom, she tells you she knew her perfect son could do it, and that she misses you.

At home, she’s made you your favorite meal. Neither of you mention the taboo things you did this morning. She opens a bottle of wine that you both share at the dinner table – "we’re celebrating, honey!" she tells you. The wine makes you both feel bold. After dinner, you move to the bedroom. The tension in the air is electric. Will this be the day you finally enter your mommy again? Will she let you take the place of your dirtbag father? You know you can love her better than him. Will you take the leap and start a family with you mom tonight?


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