Jackie Synn – Mommy jerks off disabled son

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Jackie Synn – Mommy jerks off disabled son

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"You poor thing, you’ve managed to break both of your arms and one of your legs in a sporting accident – now you’re stuck in bed for the summer. Luckily, mommy’s home to take good care of you. She’s been waiting on you hand & foot, even giving you daily massages to ease your pain. Today she’s wearing a very low cut dress, you can’t help but to stare at her big breasts – they’re right in your face as she rubs you down! You haven’t been able to jerk off since your accident so you’re super horny, and the sight of your mother’s cleavage in your face gives you a massive boner! You pray she won’t notice, but of course she does. Luckily, mommy’s very understanding. She tells you not to be embarrassed, it’s a natural reaction to being touched. She also notices you staring at her boobs… mommy just wants to help you relax and would do anything to make you feel good. She knows you have urges and that you can’t fulfill them on your own at the moment, so she lends you a helping hand by pulling out her massive milk boobs and starts pumping your cock for you. She talks to you, encouraging you to cum – you can’t hold back for long. Soon you are spunking a huge load all over your mother’s hand, you shoot so hard you even blow all over her tits! You’re such a lucky boy to have such an understanding mother. She cleans you up and tucks you into bed, mommy will be back later to help relieve more of your stress."


Name: Jackie Synn – Mommy jerks off disabled sonmp4
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