Goddess Alexa Divina – My Fetish is Using You

Goddess Alexa Divina – My Fetish is Using You

Goddess Alexa Divina – My Fetish is Using You


Ever wonder what Alexas fetish is? Her fetish is taking advantage of weak males. Alexa recalls she first discovered her fetish in high school. She was a cheerleader who recognized the value of befriending a nerd. Alexa was pleasantly surprised to find that dweebs would do whatever she said. One nerd in particular adored Alexa. Knowing he worshiped her, Alexa bullied him terribly. She would plan dates with him, then stand him up to have sex with her boyfriend. She would leave him waiting outside for hours. In school, Alexa would act like she was going to give him a hug, but instead knee him in the balls. She did this right in front of her teachers! They let her get away with it because they thought it was funny, too! At prom, Alexa made the dweeb pay for her dress and her boyfriends tuxedo. She ignored the dweeb all night and didnt dance with him once. The only time she kissed the nerd was after giving her boyfriend a sloppy blowjob. The nerd could taste Alexas boyfriend on her lips. Alexa suspects, if youve listened to all this, you might be a loser too. She knows youll accept being spit on and slapped, because how else would a loser like you get close to a hot girl? Alexa knows shes the right woman to take charge and control you. She fires off a quick cum countdown. What a pathetic mess from such a weak male! (8:51 long)


Name: Goddess Alexa Divina – My Fetish is Using Yoump4
Format: mp4 – Size: 402.12 MB – 00:08:51 – 1280 x 720

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