[GGH] Maintenance Call 4k


[GGH] Maintenance Call 4k


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Rebecca works in a rental office, and is called to one of her tenant’s apartments for a light bulb replacement. Per rental policy, even something as simple as a light bulb must be called in for repair. But when Rebecca shows up, all the lights seem to be in working order. The only thing odd is her tenant’s aggressive manner. He pushes Rebecca up against the wall and shows her a pocket watch. Almost like magic, she is entranced by it as a smile comes to her face. Now Rebecca is a slave and is programmed to do whatever is necessary to make her tenant’s experience a pleasurable one.

Full Download Details:
13 minutes, 12 seconds

Key highlights of video include:

Hypnotized by a pocket watch. Sparkles dance around her head as she drops into a trance.
Repeats her mantras while fixated on the pocket watch.
Rebecca is lead around the room by the pocket watch. She follows in a trance, walking like a zombie.
Answers "yes master" when given commands.
Rebecca is programmed to do whatever her tenants want, to make them happy.
She gives her master a hand massage.
Rebecca takes off her top and puts herself into various sexy poses.
The pocket watch is used to put Rebecca into a hypnotic sleep. She is then given a trigger that wakes her up and puts her back to sleep each time he snaps his fingers. Rebecca tries to leave but can’t make it off the couch.
Triggered in and out of trance (eyes rolling up) whenever she is tapped on the forehead.
Remaining in a trance, Rebecca strips naked and walks like a zombie while chanting "I am a hypnotized zombie". Made to hold the pocket watch and focus on it as she walks mindlessly.
Rebecca is left with a sense of pride when she is woken up. She happily exits the apartment naked and eager to serve in the future.
Full nude.


Name: GGFetishVids_Maintenance-Call-4K [088AB8EC]mp4
Format: mp4 – Size: 1.12 GB – 00:13:12 – 3840 x 2160

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