[FamilyTherapy] Alex Has Two Mommies

[FamilyTherapy] Alex Has Two Mommies

[FamilyTherapy] Alex Has Two Mommies




[FamilyTherapy] Alex Has Two Mommies.mp4


Alex!! What are you doing??? You are supposed to be in bed, baby. How many times have we told you not to spy on your Mommies? You know you’re only allowed to play with us we we say it’s okay… No babe he’s never going to learn if we keep letting him disobey us and then rewarding him… Alright, fine… C’mon honey you can get in the bed with us and play. But son, you really need to ask first next time….

So these two mommies eat each other out , when they notice their son is watching them while masturbating. They invite him on the bed and blow him, then ride him like there’s no tomorrow. Nice creampie/facial combo at the end.

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