EnigmaMGF – Getting Mommy Pregnant

EnigmaMGF – Getting Mommy Pregnant

EnigmaMGF – Getting Mommy Pregnant


I am a little shy & by no means am I professional. Please keep that in mind when buying* In this video I’m in a low cut purple dress with a black bra/panties & nude pantyhose underneath. Everything is shot in a POV perspective. I’m roleplaying as your sweet but depraved mother who is feeling restless & lonely after your father leaving us. I come into your room late at night saying I know that it’s late but I wanted to check up on you. Things have been tough lately but I assure you that I’m here for you. As I’m speaking, you can’t help but stare at my cleavage. I flirt with you, saying I’ve always found you more handsome than your father. I vent about how he was never home & how I haven’t been touched in months. This may seem weird, but have you ever thought about what it’d be like if we made our own family? I need a new man in the house & I can see how hard you are. I think my boy is ready to step up to the plate. We’re both fertile. Haven’t you ever wanted to see what’s under mommy’s dress? I stand up & tease, turning around to lift my dress & show off my pantyhose. I bend over & then ask if you want to see my big boobs. I get up close to the camera & pull my dress off before pulling my heaving tits from the dress & simulate letting you suck on them. I then pull away & finish taking my bra completely off. I talk about my big my tits are gonna be after you get me pregnant as I stand up again & take off my pantyhose and lacy black panties. I give a brief view of my fully nude body before crawling back into bed with you. You know I’m ready to finally see your cock when I’m shocked at how big it looks through your pants. Next scene shows my realistic dildo. I simulate it’s your cock & start sucking it passionately. Mommy’s so excited to be your first blowjob. Your father never wanted his cock sucked. I love pleasing my sweet boy. Next scene shows me on the bed facing the camera with your cock in front of me as I ask if you’re ready. Mommy wants your cock. I back my ass up on it & simulate being fucked doggy style all while talking dirty about how much better you are than him & how I want you to put a baby in me. I start slow & go faster until I’m slamming up & down, fucking you hard. Lots of sexy and surprised moans. I can’t believe how big my son’s cock is. Next, the camera is down looking up as if I’m top of you riding. Watch my huge tits bounce as I moan & ride. My heavy jugs make slapping sounds against my stomach when I go fast. I lean in close to the camera & simulate you sucking my tits again. I tell you what a good boy you are as I tell you what to do & where to put your hands. You gonna give mommy lots of cum? Last scene shows me spread eagle on the bed, your cock plunging in & out. Show mommy who the new man of the house is. I beg for your cum as I gyrate my hips back & forth, milking your young cock. After I simulate you cumming, cum floods from my pussy when I pull the squirting dildo out. I spread my pussy lips & talk about how excited I am to have a family together before saying “Let’s clean up this mess & go take a shower.”


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