Diane Andrews – Early Morning Milking

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Diane Andrews – Early Morning Milking

"You can come into my room to wake me up. Its early in the morning and now one is up yet. You saw yesterday how very excited I got when it was really cold in the house, and that I saw your nipples where poking through your blouse and bra. You was so excited that you wanted to help me with that hard on so bad but you couldn’t because your step-father was around. Last night you couldn’t stop thinking about how hard I got from that. So you wanted to come to my room before everyone gets up. You can start touching me sexy and rubbing my morning wood, and nipples. Then you mention this would be a good time to show you the bra you had on yesterday and milk my huge cock. You can tell me how much you love my huge large cock and you love milking me while I look at your bras and your titties. It makes your so excited doing it. You just love milking me and stroking me.

Then you open up your robe and show your bra. You can pose a little bit before touching your breast. Then after posing you can talk to me and ask me questions about how much I love your bras and you love that I have a bra fetish for your everyday bras. It turns you on so much. You can use whatever you like to say. While your talking you can be grabbing your breast through the bra, tug and pull on your nipples through bra just a little. You can start using some lube and talk to me about wanting to help me with the morning wood and stroke me and make me cum before you go to work. While your stroking and jerking my cock, you can put your other hand inside your bra and play with your nipple while your stroking me. (So like if you are stroking me with your right hand, then you would use your left hand to play with your left breast. you can put your hand inside the bra cup from the outer side of the bra. I hope that makes sense.) When its about 1 min left, you can act like someone called you and you yell out just a minute.

Oh Honey
Oh honey, I dont really want to rush it , but we got to hurry, ok? I know Im sorry Honey. Step Mommy will make it up to you. I promise. But right now I want you to go ahead and give me your cum. Can you do that for step mommy? Ok. I want you to go ahead and cum for step-mommy ok. But we cant be to loud ok honey. (you can start to whisper to me not to low but not to loud so no one can hear us.)
You can cum on my titties, You can smile and say
"yeah its ok baby, no one is going to come in and catch us." Then you can lift your bra up and you can say anything you want to get me cum. You can also add in while your stroking me "Thats it, hmm, show how much you love step mommies bras and titites. You can add in what you like too or make it your own. When I cum you can defiantly go "Hmm, while the dildo is squirting all over your titties. as if your enjoying the warmth of my cum."

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