DaneJones – Lady D – Slender Teen Princess

DaneJones – Lady D – Slender Teen Princess

DaneJones – Lady D – Slender Teen Princess


Lady D – Slender Teen Princess (DaneJones).720p.mp4

Lady D – Slender Teen Princess (DaneJones) 720p

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Lady D is known for being a real sucker for muscles, so when the ultra athletic Angelo enters the room, this raven-haired cutie gets dripping wet. Her beautiful olive-toned skin practically glows in the morning light, tempting her lover towards her. He climbs onto the bed and tenderly kisses her luscious clit, priming her for his long cock. When Lady D is good and ready, Angelo lies her on her back, and pushes her legs up to her chest so that her plump pussy lips pucker around his penis. Lady D is so tight that Angelo can feel every orgasmic pulse of her twat as he passionately pounds her.

B/G straight scene with Lady Dee (aka Drahomira) and an Angelo guy. It is the rare case of gonzo porn scene that take place on a bed. I guess there’s nothing more to say…
NOTE: I hope this girl stops soon with the tattoo stupidity, before she ruins her beautiful body and skin!

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