Conner Jay – Succubus Sent To Suck You

Conner Jay – Succubus Sent To Suck You

Conner Jay – Succubus Sent To Suck You


"Ohhhh, good – I’ve been waiting for this. You know what I am, don’t you? I am a succubus. You’ve been a bad, bad boy all year long… and The Dark One has sent me as your reward. I’m going to give you the most intense pleasure you’ve ever experienced. Let’s begin! *tears shirt open* Mmm, what a perfect cock you have. I just know you’ll love the way I lick it. And here’s a nice surprise for you… Do you feel that? The way my demonic tongue is barbed like a cat’s? Extra sensation, to please you. Do you like it, human? You’ll never get this kind of pleasure from another mortal. Surrender yourself to my demonic prowess. I can feel you quivering with pleasure – unleash your hot fluid into my mouth! Mmm, delicious. And now, since you’ve seen how much it pays to do evil, be sure you stay on your dark path… That way, I can come visit you again.


Name: Succubus Sent To Suck Yoump4
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