Clover Baltimore – The Baltimore Sisters Get Revenge

Clover Baltimore – The Baltimore Sisters Get Revenge

Clover Baltimore – The Baltimore Sisters Get Revenge


Part 1
Big sister Clover and Little Sister Nyx (sisters in real life) moved away and reunited for a girls night sleepover. They decided to play a game of uninhibited truth or dare where they learned a lot about each other. Nyx learned that the rumors were true, that Clover started stripping after Nyx moved away, and Clover was dared to teach Nyx how to twerk. The dares led to them both being completely naked and bent over. Clover dared Nyx to let her eat her pussy, then her ass, cuz thats how much she missed her sister, and Nyx returned the favor. Nyx dared Clover to let Nyx use her hitachi on Clover, which was a new experience, and they brought each other to intense orgasms. Then Nyx rode Clovers face, and they sixty-nined until the both came so hard it rocked their foundations.

Part 2
Nyx and Clover realized that they’re being played by the same guy, and invited me over to make him jealous. They pulled me over to bed, laid me down, and rubbed their naked MILF and 18 year old bodies all over me. Tiddys, asses, and even gave me kisses, all while snapchatting and texting Johnny pics of us. That should make him plenty jealous.

Part 3
Nyx and Clover were hanging out again and the guy that’s playing them sent them a group text asking them both to do a threesome with him. Well, they decided to make him even more jealous by having Don Baltimore over again, and raising the stakes to a topless handjob to completion. I came a bucketload and covered their hands.


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