[Blacked] – Kristen Scott – Petite Teen Wants Her Black Step Father

[Blacked] – Kristen Scott – Petite Teen Wants Her Black Step Father



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Meet Kristen, a sexy little brunette with a hot black stepfather. She has to admit to having some very inappropriate thoughts about him. After listening to her mom’s intimate encounters in the bedroom, and her mother out, they are both left alone in the house. She is ready to do something crazy, and the way he looks at her, she knows he feels the same. Within seconds, they are in each others arms, ready to enjoy something that is so forbidden that the sexual tension between these two is off the scale. Get ready to embark on a journey that will open Kristen’s eyes to something she has craved for so long.

They start kissing and Kristen finds herself stripped down to her panties as she starts sucking her well-hung, black step-father. That huge dick is just way to big for her little mouth, but she does a good effort none the less. Joss gets a taste of her step-daughters pussy and ass as he lets his tongue dive into her most private parts. He rams his thick cock into her little white pussy and she begs him to go slow as he stretches her out. He picks up the pace and goes faster and deeper into her. Her pussy gets a small break when she lets her mouth be a substitute for a vagina. Joss face-fucks her stepdaughter and then plows her pussy from behind, doggy style, while Kristen rubs her clit. They transition into a prone bone position. He fucks her hard and deep, like she was responsible for all the black oppression in the world. Her pussy gets a break again as she gives a blowjob before she rides him in reverse cowgirl, using one hand on her clit. Joss picks her up and fucks while he carries her, achieving maximum depth. He then jerks himself off, with cum shooting onto her face and into her mouth and Kristen sucks his big cock some more.

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