Bare Back Studios- Brooke Benson in Daddys House Daddys Rules

Bare Back Studios- Brooke Benson in Daddys House Daddys Rules


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Bare Back Studios- Brooke Benson in Daddys House Daddys Rules

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Scene One

Your daughter has finally done it. She got caught doing drugs at her mothers house and got kicked out. At 18 she should be living on her own not partying and getting into trouble. You pick her up and explain to her that things are going to be different at your house.

My house my rules you tell her. No locked doors, and you will be strip searching her. Youre not going to go to jail because she brings illegal things into your house. You watch as she disgruntly strips naked in front of you. But your my dad she argues. You have no responsibility for her and are only doing this as a favor. How are you going to pay to live here? You ask her. Brooke looks at you with the realization that living with her dad isn’t going to be easy. She gets to her knees and puts your cock inside of her mouth. She sucks you until you cum splashes the inside of her mouth.

Why is the bathroom door closed? You open to make sure nothing is going on, to find her taking a shower. You watch her as she complains.

Scene Two

Her bedroom door is closed! You barge in and check her. What do you want this time? she asks you. You make her spread her legs and touch herself and watch as she gets wet. She may not like it but your going to make her fuck you.

Pulling her close to you, you push inside her pussy and fuck her. She grips the pillows hard as you fuck and cum inside your daughters tight pussy. You leave her filled and used.

The bathroom door is closed again. You walk in to check her over and watch as she soaps and washes her tight body.

Scene Three

Brooke needs a job and you have a great opportunity for her. Fashion model. You make her put on different styles of clothes and take pictures of her. God she looks great in the outfits, her tight body sliding in and out of the clothes.

Seeing her body makes you think that rent is due and you watch as she sucks your cock hard. Relaxing you make her get on top of you and fuck you like a good daughter would. She reluctantly does whatever you tell her because she doesnt have a choice. Your hard cock cums inside her again filling her up and making you feel great.

Scene Four

I just talked to mom and she says I can come home Brooke says excitedly. But before she can leave she has to fuck you one last time or all her friends will find out that she’s been fucking her dad. You can’t do that to me dad! she screams. Reluctantly she lets you put yourself inside her and fuck her.

How long are you going to do this for? Why would you even want to fuck your daughter? She asks you. You tell her that your going to cum on her face. Your cum is gross she responds. Are you ready for it? You asks as you explode all over her cute face.

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