Angel the Dreamgirl – Dreams of Angel Cum True

Angel the Dreamgirl – Dreams of Angel Cum True

Angel the Dreamgirl – Dreams of Angel Cum True


For my 3rd movie fantasy, I want to watch a man having erotic day-dreams; I want to see those day-dreams coming true for him; Oh, I also want to be that man! C4S movie buyers can be him too!

This movie is about a gentleman – actually, you the viewer – shown in 1st person POV views (Angel enticing you directly) and 3rd person (story-telling) views. The gentleman (you) relax, closes your eyes (or look upward while in deep thought) and day-dream your favorite erotic visions of Angel posing as a stunningly gorgeous call girl. or her wonderful self (your choice). After you visualize your mental day-dream. you take a sip of ‘Dreamitol’, a magical potion that makes your day-dreams come true! And what happens next? You guessed it., your day-dream comes true right in front of you in real life! After one day-dream comes true, you day-dream again and again, getting more and more erotic with each new day-dream. Eventually, your last day-dream cums true! But., is it really your day-dream?

Here are the day-dream scenes I have in mind (I can’t get them out of my mind):

The gentleman (you) day-dreams of an Angelic call girl getting out of her car (if easy to do) and walking in the hallway to your apartment – views of her walking toward and away from the camera with a slow, sensual sway of her hips (VPL!), swaying hair and a bounce to her breasts. Please show her from many angles and document her approach in great detail (views from: top, floor, side, far away, close-up). She drops her keys and bends over to pick them up (VPL!)… She drops them again!! In front of your door, she freshens her lipstick in her compact mirror, freshens her hair and knocks. Day-Dream Fades out.
The gentleman (you) day-dreams opening the door to her, seeing her beautiful red lips, her shapely body, seeing her enter swaying her hips as she slowly walks in to greet you with a hello POV kiss. She looks you up and down, biting her lip and licking them. wanting you. She walks around your apartment with a sexy sway, looking around, dropping her keys (VPL), dropping her purse! She walks to your bedroom, poses in sexy ways and bends over to tease you. She gives you the "come here Honey" motion with her index finger. Your cock stiffens. Day-Dream Fades out.
You day-dream of her slipping her pants off (from various angles) and sitting on your bed. She sprays herself with her perfume (in purse), and again touches up her lipstick and hair. She shifts side to side (supported by one arm) many times (I love the ‘side-view’ like in my photo). She caresses her panties and playfully adjusts them and pulls them part way down showing you inside. You remove your pants, your erect cock sways, throbs and gently bounces in front of her. Precum strings dangle and fall continuously to the floor or bed. Day-Dream Fades out.
You day-dream of her showing you "DownTop" views of her bra. she playfully removes her top as her bra-clad breasts stick straight out. She unclasps her bra and showing her nipples pressing into the white lacy material of her bra cups ("DownBra"). She stands up and adjusts her panties in many ways, bending over to tease you. She lowers her panties to her thighs showing you the smooth shiny material inside that holds her womanhood so gently ("DownPanty"). She turns around showing her derriere (fanny). She bends over some. allowing your finger to ever so slowly caress up & down inside her crack. (Clear close-up views of this action would be cherished!). Day-Dream Fades out.
You day-dream of her gathering a bunch of tissues on the bed around her – she pulls a pair of panties out of her purse to wrap them gently around your throbbing cock, teasing your cock holding them between her hands, pulling them back and forth across your cockhead, sending thrilling sensations everywhere! Precum flows from your swaying cock (POV looking down). Day-Dream Fades out.
You day-dream of her re-applying red lipstick thickly and widely and motioning your cock to her lips. She puckers her lips (like a kiss) as you slowly press your cockhead into her puckered red lips parting them – taking your cock deep into her throat in one very slow consistent motion. all the way inside. You gradually pull out all the way until her lips pucker again – your cock sways and throbs in front of her lips – with precum and saliva everywhere! Optional: A repeat of this action., but between her "other lips"! Day-dream Fades out.
You day-dream of her laying back on some propped-up pillows allowing her bra-clad breasts to arch upward, she gathers up many tissues in her hands. placing them on her tummy. all around her. implying she is getting ready for something SHEwants. Your cock sways over her tummy while she gathers tissues, your precum continues to flow freely onto her tummy. Day-Dream Fades out.
For the final scene, SHE day-dreams! She visualizes her neck and her black neckband being flooded in a deep pool of sperm (close-up views). She day-dreams of gently swirling her finger in the puddle and bringing it to her lips for a taste. She plays in her warm white puddle and finally causes it to flow in a river down her neck to her bra. She dabs at the mess with her tissues and smells/tastes them. As the pool of flowing semen is shown close up reaching her bra, her dream scene fades out to end the movie – completing still another epic production from Angel-The-Dreamgirl Custom Erotic Art!


Name: Angel the Dreamgirl – Dreams of Angel Cum Truemp4
Format: mp4 – Size: 2.06 GB – 00:28:49 – 1920 x 1080

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