Alyssa Reece – Mom’s Christmas Present And Torturous Edging

 Alyssa Reece - Mom's Christmas Present And Torturous Edging


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Alyssa Reece – Mom’s Christmas Present And Torturous Edging

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Son and mom are spending time for Christmas and mom is modelling a santa hat. “Do you think I would make a sexy Mrs. Claus? she asks smiling at her son. He tells her yes. “You think I’m STILL sexy?” she looks at him and he just nods. “Do your friends call me a milf?” she laughs. “When you were a little boy you were SO infatuated with mommy!” Son denies it..”i’m serious..any excuse to sleep in mommy’s bed, any excuse to use the bathroom while I was in the tub. What you don’t want to talk about it? Alright, then just listen, you were so young when your father left and I was really lonely, but just because I let my son sleep with me doesn’t mean I would let my soon actually SLEEP with me” Son looks uncomfortable. “Sure maybe I had too much wine, is this too much honesty for you honey?” Son is bright red, “You were just a little boy, half my size, i didn’t even know you could get an erection until I woke up with your little hard on pressed up against my ass one one morning.” Son sits there frozen and doesn’t know how to respond. ” I mean obviously I was lonely, I hadn’t gotten laid in so long. When I needed affection i could always count on you to cuddle and squeeze but no matter how horny I got , I wasn’t about to let you DO IT, with your own mother.” Son is blushing but doesn’t say anything. “What you don’t like hearing it out loud? That you wanted to do it with your own mom?” She smiles, “But it’s true, you practically begged me!” she says teasingly. “Come on, admit it, honestly it would be adorable if it wasn’t for the incest part”, she reads the expression on his face. “I know that word is so bad, it makes it sound so much worse doesn’t it? But I never let you do it! I mean can you imagine if I had? Do you think you would have known what to do with a real woman?Do you think you could have pleased mommy? Or did you not think that far ahead? Well i’m glad I didn’t have one, maybe two minutes of unsatisfying sex with my own child because I don’t think I could afford the lifetime of psycho analysis after the fact” she laughs. Son is getting more upset, “Oh come on, I’m supposed to be the uptight one! Ok I’ll stop, i don’t want to make you feel badly! You just look so cute when you’re embarrassed.” She pitches his cheeks. “I’ll make it up to you, do you want to open your Christmas gift? I think you’re going to like it. Ok I’ll be right back” She gets up to leave. Mom come back in the room with a Christmas present in hand. “Now you’re a grown up and you have a choice to make, do you want whatever is in this bag, OR do you want to unwrap me for Christmas?” she smiles. Son asks her if she is joking. “Well there is only one way to find out if I’m being serious” she teases. Son tells her his answer. “I KNEW it! I knew you wanted to fuck me! You dirty boy!” she says with a big smile..

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