Alexandra Snow – Interrupting Mommie At Work

 Alexandra Snow - Interrupting Mommie At Work


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Alexandra Snow – Interrupting Mommie At Work

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You’ve been sent home from school for some kind of maintanence issue, but since it’s the middle of the day, you take the bus to her office instead. When you come into her officce, she looks shocked.. And then irritated that you’re interrupting her work day. She says you can go do your homework in the corner of her office but you don’t want to. When she calls you out for being distracted, she discovers you were looking at porn on your phone again. She tells you that these aren’t “real” women and you can’t think that’s how real women work. She knows it’s been hard for you without your Dad, so she has to teach you what real women are like. She says you need to relieve that distraction so you can get back to studying, and instructs you to come over and stroke in front of her. You’re embarassed but you do it. When she pulls up her dress and shows you her panties, you can’t help yourself.

Mommie insists on untraining you from all that porn and retraining your sexuality.

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