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Hide And Go Seek (.mp4)
(1080p) You took the hiding spot that I wanted! All of the other spots are taken, I have to squeeze into the closet with you. There’s not much room, but we can just get really close. Put your arms around my waist or something, we’ll fit together better that way. Oh my God, do you have a boner? Shh! Someone’s coming…
That was a close one. Why don’t you sit down on the box behind you and I’ll sit on your lap, it’ll be much more comfortable that way. Are you getting harder? Well I can’t help wiggling around, this is an awkward position. It does feel pretty good though. You know, I think this would be even more cozy if you just…slipped it in. No one needs to know.

Mmm that’s it, nice and deep. Shhh, they’re back in the room. Don’t move!

  • Xev Bellringer – Hide And Go Seek

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