Primal’s Darkside Superheroine – Aqua Lass – The Dark Seed

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Primal’s Darkside Superheroine – Aqua Lass – The Dark Seed
 Primal's Darkside Superheroine - Aqua Lass - The Dark Seed


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Aqua Lass (Dillion Carter) has come to investigate a corporation that has been dumping trash in the ocean. Bane surprises her and tells her the whole thing is a trap. AL gives it her best but Bane destroys her and she finds herself tightly bound and not sure where she is. AL is still powerful and after a long struggle is able to free herself.

Aqua Lass searches the building and finds herself stumbling in on Poison Ivy (Kenna Valentina) She quickly over powers Ivy and demands answers, but Ivy uses a puff of pollen to render AL senseless. Ivy looks very pleased

AL finds herself helplessly restrained and suspended by Poison Ivy’s vines. She is painfully thirsty and Ivy offers her what looks like water from a harmless looking bottle. She gags and spits it out as it tastes completely wrong. Ivy Explains that AL must drink all of it for the next step of the plan. She doesn’t want AL’s body damaged so to make her comply Bane AL to cum over and over, each time Ivy offers more of the evil tasting liquid. Each time Aqua Lass gags and spits it out, but finally she can’t take anymore and drinks the liquid desperately

the liquid burns and Aqua Lass cries out before going limp

Now AL is weak, and susceptible to Ivy’s seduction. Ivy has her way with Aqua Lass until finally getting the seduced superheroine to grind pussy to pussy so that she can transfer her evil seed. Both cry out as the orgasmic transfer occurs and Ivy goes forever Limp and Aqua Lass gasps in agony and shakes until going limp as well

Aqua Lass wakes feeling strange, she is naked except for the vines covering her and Poison Ivy is no where in site. Bane is standing their and explains that he has control of her because of the vines attached of her body. Soon her memories and thoughts will be replaced by Poison Ivy’s and Bane has to only fertilize the seed to make it happen

He controls AL, making her dance seductively, touch herself, crawl, suck his evil dick and finally he makes her beg to be fucked and pounds her until he fills her with a huge load. Aqua Lass cries out in despair, and then she begins to shake and scream as the transformation begins and then she goes limp…

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