Open your chakra – Yoga Master 2

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Open your chakra – Yoga Master 2


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The Yoga Master comes to see how well his favorite student Jasmine (The Yoga Master – Namaste FULL Parts 1&2) is doing now that she (as he instructed) is now running her own yoga studio

Jasmine is shocked after class in her office as she prepares to shower. The man is a stranger but also familiar. As he speaks, she remebers that he was her Yoga Instructor and taught her everything she knows. She is suddenly so comfortable letting her towel hit the floor and even though some of the things he says make her uncomfortable at first, she keeps changing her mind and doing anything he wants

Now Jasmine is dressed a bit more scantily as she comes in to teach her class next week and she introduces her old Yoga Master, who will be e guest instructor. At the end of class the Yoga Master has Jasmine keep Jade behind, and he explains that she is special, and that he will be giving her private lessons

Jade is flattered, and soon is in deep meditation. Now many times the Yoga Master suggests she do things that make her uncomfortable, and she objects, even getting angry, at first. By the time the lesson is done Jade is fully trained

Jade arrives in class wearing almost nothing, and the other girls give her the side eye. Jasmine and the Yoga Master seem to think nothing his wrong and when the class is done Dillion is kept behind by Jasmine

Dillion follows instructions to deep meditation ans soon is as well trained as Jade

Dillion and Jade are now both coming to class in tiny thongs and sports bras and Alaina is really wondering what is going on. Jasmine has Alaina stay after and the Yoga Master explains the other girls are jealous about how good she is. He guides her into deep meditation.

Now all the girls are totally comfortable in tiny thongs and even nude and the Yoga Master takes them through a special class

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