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In my first blog I figured I should tell you guys a little more about myself 🙂
Some of you have been asking.. So.. Who is Jade?
Yes you see a lot of sexy slutty photos online of me sharing my adventures and having a good time.. but you ask yourself.. who is this mysterious girl? How did she get to doing what she does? Well, here’s from the beginning.. (Brace yourself, it’s going to be a LONG story haha)

I was born and raised in California.
Believe it or not, I was raised in an extremely religious household. I grew up with a LOT of siblings and boy was that fun but crazy!

Even from a young age I always had this urge in me to explore.. to learn.. to meet new people.. to keep an open mind.. not judge people because the world is already so judgemental.

Growing up, after school I would take the train into downtown and just wander around, go read at a park, meet cute boys.. Well one day I found this awesome HUGE library in downtown. Somehow I found my way into the adult erotic section. Oh boy did that get something going in me! I remember using the self checkout at the library because I wasn’t old enough to check out this erotic novel lol I started reading it and WOW from then on sex was always on my mind. It was this thing that was portrayed as so exciting and pleasurable… I wanted to know more! From then on, I looked at things in a different way. No matter your status, religion, race, career.. at the end of the day we all want to be wanted.. touched.. desired.

My first sexual experience was actually playing Spin The Bottle with a group of girl friends lol We had a little party at Lauren’s house.. there was 8 girls and 2 boys.. the boys got bored and left to go play on their bikes.. us girls had a different idea LOL. Before u knew it we were playing spin the bottle in her room and having make-out contests.. It was all pretty innocent and silly.. but it got things flowing in my head (and my pussy haha).

I got my first “Real” boyfriend when I was a freshmen in high school. He was a year older than me. It went from “let’s save ourselves for marriage”.. to “How about just Oral Sex.. that should be ok right”. LOL

Well let me tell you…. the first time I got my pussy licked.. OMG I was in heaven! I was thinking why in the hell wasn’t I doing this sooner?! lol. From then on it was Blow Jobs and Pussy Licking every day after school (and sometimes during school breaks) ! I started wearing skirts more often… easy access haha

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