Natasha’s Bedroom – Sex Ed With Mom

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Natasha’s Bedroom – Sex Ed With Mom


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Natasha’s Bedroom – Sex Ed With Mom

You’re absolutely thrilled to have another snow day. You’re off to your best friends house to chill out and play some video games when your mother sternly stops you. “Oh my goodness, I can’t believe you have another snow day! Well of course you’re happy to have the day off, but, as your mother, I can’t help but worry about your studies. Your heart sinks as she pauses and then announces, “You’ll stay home and do your schoolwork with me today. It’ll be fun – a little snow day homeschooling. What’s your first class today? Health? Ok, we’ll start there!”

You sigh as your mother pulls out diagrams of the reproductive system. She’s telling you about ovulation and fertilization when you notice something strange: you’re getting an erection. You have a boner for your very own mother. Oh god, it must be the way she’s rubbing her breasts through that tight red dress, or how she’s lovingly talking about when she breastfed you. Your cock becomes painfully hard when she giggles sweetly and asks whether you’ve ever ejaculated. It might just be your imagination, but it seems like your mom’s getting aroused, too.

With her face flushed and eyes dilated, your mom suggests a hands-on lesson. “It’s the most effective way to learn”, she whispers. She watches you undress and then, embarrassed, does the same. You look at your mom’s naked body while she teaches you about sexual arousal, her voice silky with her own arousal. She begins touching herself as she instructs you to stroke your cock until the two of you orgasm together. Mom ends the lesson by tasting your cum and shoving her dripping fingers into your mouth. And, you know, she was right. You’ll never forget what you’ve learned today.

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