Missa X – Obsession – Episode 4

Missa X – Obsession – Episode 4



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Site description –
When Jill when missing I was worried. I know that in the past when people have gotten too close to me, they have disappeared. My mother does not like competition. She needs to be the only woman in my life. My mother is very much like a little girl, a little girl that I need to take care of. I know that my girlfriend thinks that mother uses my emotions to manipulate me, but she’ll never understand. My mother needs me, and even though I will complain, there is a part of me that enjoys being needed. My mother is like oxygen that keeps the fire inside of me burning, and Jill, well, Jill’s a moth, and if she gets too close to us, she will burn.

My description –
I’m going to assume that you have seen the previous episodes. If not, you might be confused.
The scene starts with Chad heading downstairs after a good night sleep. Mommy (Cherie Deville) suggests going shopping for some new dresses. He reluctantly agrees. After that, Chad brings up him going to college, which doesn’t go well. Mother gets real defensive and angry. Within this, she mentions that Jill has gone missing. It’s agreed that they will help her father look for her. Finally, she tells him to go take a bath and change before they head out.
In the bathroom, Chad is soaking, and mother walks in. Chad’s not too happy about this and covers himself, asking her to leave. She plays it off saying she made him, and it’s nothing she hasn’t seen before. She heads over to the tub, and starts rubbing his chest, moving down to his dick. Obviously manipulating him, he actually calls her out indirectly. She storms out and lies in bed crying.
Needless to say, he tries to comfort her, which leads to her seducing him.
It starts with kissing, and she turns over and heads down on him saying she will make him feel good.
Next, preps to get on tom and take him inside her so they can “fell like they are one person”. She continues to ride him for a bit until he pushes her down and starts fucking her in missionary.
Next, he guides her to doggy style, which leads to sideways fucking and then back to missionary.
She gets back on top for a short while, and then sucks him again.
Finally, they go at it in missionary to finish up where he eventually shoots part of his load on her, and the rest inside her.
They both say “I love you” and mommy says they can’t tell anyone about it.
Mommy says that Jill is a troubled girl, and to forget about her. We get a flash back to Jill’s dead body, and Chad says that they should still go look for her. Mother agrees, knowing that no one will find her.

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