Mindi Mink’s Playhouse – Mom And Son Motel Madness

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Mindi Mink’s Playhouse – Mom And Son Motel Madness


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Mindi Mink – Mom And Son Motel Madness

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Mom And Son Motel Madness

Milf Mindi Mink is having a hard time. She is on a trip to a family reunion with her son and her car has broken down ! She is in the hotel room with her son as things start to escalate quickly, the car is broken, they gave her one bed instead of two, and her family reunion is tomorrow!

Her son goes out for a little while to let Mindi sleep for awhile.

When her son comes back he finds Mindi sleeping, so he slides into bed with her pulls up her night gown and starts fingering her. She loves it and has no idea whats going on until she wakes up!

She is confused by whats going on when she wakes up but is in so much pleasure that she cant bring herself to stop him

Son Im your mother!

Her son fingers her some more until she pulls her breasts out and opens her legs for him to eat her out. She loves it so much that she lays her son back so that she can suck his huge cock.

She enjoys his dick for awhile then jumps on top of him.

Your cock is so big son!

She rides her sons cock for awhile .

jump on top of your mother and fuck me

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    1. Wish you could see what was going on. If you don’t read the description, you get quite confused on what’s going on when she first starts moaning. In all, quite disappointing.

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