Lusty Grandmas – Red Mary – Red Velvet

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Lusty Grandmas – Red Mary – Red Velvet


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Red Mary is lounging around ,when she got an unexpected visitor ,that initiated a back rub and massage.

As he massaged her back from fingers to her toes,stripping her down from her bikinis, that escalated into eating her pussy
out from behind as she arches her ass to received the onslaught of his lashing tongue.

She began to suck his dick to returned his favor as he moaned with delight as her tongue teases his cock and sucked his
ever burgeoning cock.

Next, she proceeded to sit and mount on his big fat cock and rode that cock home.
He continued to fuck her hard from a Spoon to missionary position ,banging her hard from behind in doggie style.

Finally.she gave him another intermediate sucking oh his pussy juiced covered cock to prepare him for his final
penetration into her wet pussy, pulling out to spilled his hot load of cum all over her belly,dribbling down to her well fucked pussy.

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