Rate limit exceeded[FacialAbuse/FaceFucking] Layla - Tears, Painal, & Puke: A True Facial Abuse Classic

[FacialAbuse/FaceFucking] Layla – Tears, Painal, & Puke: A True Facial Abuse Classic

[FacialAbuse/FaceFucking] Layla – Tears, Painal, & Puke: A True Facial Abuse Classic

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This video is one of my favorite Facial Abuse scenes ever and has one of my favorite painal segments of all time. While she’s certainly not the best looking woman FA has ever shot, Layla is the perfect mix of being submissive enough to let her throat and body get violated, yet not so jaded that she can’t shed some tears about being humiliated by the abuse. She pukes a ton, cries throughout the anal, and just lets herself be completely used. All hallmarks of an awesome FA video.

After the interview at the start, it only takes a small amount of throat fucking to get Layla to puke on Big Red’s cock. She is definitely going to be a messy one. In the first 8 minutes alone, Layla is turned into a drooling mess that has left a small puddle of puke on the floor and in her dog bowl. The guys decide that the solution to helping Layla keep her lunch down is to put her upside down on the couch and pump her throat in that position. It works about as well as you would expect (see gif 2 below). I don’t know what she ate that day, but Layla pukes up more and more nastiness every time Red goes deep in her throat. They switch positions again and go at it for a while until she starts to cry after one particular thrust in her mouth. One Red is done using her throat, he hands Layla some towels so she can clean up the mess she made on the carpet. The anal starts at 28:49.

They cut to the ass fucking already in progress, where Layla reveals that this is the first time she’s ever had a cock in her ass. Red doesn’t show her any mercy though, as he continues to vigorously pump her asshole as she winces, whimpers, and cries through the pain. After Layla says that she can’t handle the pain anymore, Red gives her a few more hard thrusts before he relents and leaves her sobbing on the couch. The rest of the scene is filled with Layla getting fucked in two different positions before she is made to sit on the ground and take three loads to the face.

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