Cory Chase – Rewards of a Mother

Cory Chase – Rewards of a Mother




I’m even more in love with my mother. I would do anything for her now and I become obsessed. I spy on her as she gets dressed and she notices. “Hi sweety” She says turning around, robe open naked body on display. She’s even more beautiful than I can imagine. She sits on the bed and calls me over to look at her perfect body.

“Do you like the way I look?” She smiles at the attention. “You don’t have to be shy” She tells me to touch her. She pulls off my clothes and lays me down on the bed, her wet tongue teasing my dick. She touches herself, softly moaning before sitting on top of me. I’m frozen in fear and uncertainty as she slides me inside of her. My mother takes my virginity with her soft pussy and moaning breaths. Before I can stop myself I cum in her hot warm pussy. “Did you just cum inside me? You can’t do that” She says in fear. “Go to your room now!” She screams.

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