BackroomCastingCouch – Brittany

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BackroomCastingCouch – Brittany


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“I’ve never gotten anything better than a B in my life so today I grade myself an A”, 21 year old office assistant Brittany says after she endures her very first anal sex – which is probably one of the longest assfucking sessions this year. It’s just one position (doggy on couch) but it’s long. And brutal. Straight up painal at times, but she doesn’t call uncle, so Agent Jake just keeps pounding away. Seems like her low self-esteem is what keeps her nailed down in life, literally and figuratively. Jizzy Jake barely manages to pull out of her ass, clean up (kinda), and shove his cock in her pussy, just in time to unload a nice big load of cum inside Brittany. Overall not bad for a girl who, despite her look, considers herself sexually naive, doesn’t masturbate (and it shows), and wants to get more sexual experience through doing porn. Pretty sure mission accomplished.
This is Agent Jake’s first time doing the interview plus the fucking. I stay quietly in the background (yes, it’s weird for me too but how’s the dude gonna learn?) and move some cameras around when needed. I think Jake did really well for his first time. Maybe more positions next time. Any other suggestions for him?

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