[VivThomas] Lana Storch and Zafira A Special Attention

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[VivThomas] Lana Storch and Zafira A Special Attention


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Sexy Zafira is sitting in a café on a beautiful summer’s day as episode two of Sandra Shine’s “Day Dream” begins. The busty beauty fantasizes that the waitress, gorgeous Lana Storch, has joined her on a picnic blanket and is kissing her voraciously. Their bodies entwine in a fervent embrace, Zafira pulling up Lana’s top to lick and suck her nipples. She tugs down Lana’s denim cutoffs and panties, licking her prominent clit and sliding two fingers into her wet pussy, spreading her open and making her gasp with pleasure. Lana turns onto her front so Zafira can finger-bang her even deeper with three fingers, simultaneously licking her asshole, driving her wild. Lana humps back against Zafira’s thrusting fingers until she climaxes hard. Zafira kisses Lana passionately as she comes down from her orgasmic high, then lies back to get her beautiful big breasts sucked. She arches her hips up off the ground as Lana eats her pussy ravenously. Zafira straddles Lana, kissing her and pressing their breasts together, then moves up to sit on her face. Lana diddles herself as she licks Zafira’s hot, juicy slit skillfully, and Zafira’s boobs jiggle and bounce hypnotically as she grinds to her orgasm. Zafira is suddenly pulled back to reality when Lana starts clearing her table, but the suggestive way she eats Zafira’s leftover crepe suggests she’s feeling the sexual attraction too…

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