The Tabooddhist – Daddy’s After Work Special

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The Tabooddhist – Daddy’s After Work Special

The Tabooddhist - Daddy's After Work Special





So, I just get off of work and get home, and I really just wanted to relax, so I picked up a magazine and started reading it, Jessie, my daughter, comes in, wearing her sexy school uniform, and is begging for my attention. She wants to play, but I tell her I’m tired, but she keeps hassling me, asking me to spank her, so I bend her over my knee and spank her, but that doesn’t do it, she still wants more. I keep reading, then feel her digging in my pants, I put my magazine down and see her sucking my cock! Oh well, guess I can spare some time for my little girl. She takes my cock in deep, sucking it like a champ, she’s growing up well, and I can’t complain. She sucks it harder and faster, I can feel my balls tightening as she takes it in, then I explode all in her mouth. I love my little girl, and no matter how bratty she gets, I’ll always give her a little treat

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