Taboo-Fantasy – I had sex with my Dad For an Iphone

Taboo-Fantasy – I had sex with my Dad For an Iphone


I Had Sex With My Dad For An iPhone.avi


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I had sex with my Dad For an Iphone. All nikki’s friends have fancy, new iphones and nikki is disappointed that she only has an old, boring phone. she asks her daddy to buy her a new iphone but he refuses saying money is tight and that there is nothing wrong with her phone. nikki, however, is a very persistent. very demanding little girl. she whines and whines to her daddy, telling him how her life will be over if she can’t have an iphone…”all the other people at school will laugh at me if i don’t get an iphone!!!”. her daddy still refuses so nikki goes into her little “bag of tricks”, that she sometimes uses to get her way with her daddy and she begins to playfully stroke his cock through his pants as she continues to whine. her daddy pushes her inappropriate hand away but she keeps putting it back and continues to tease his cock knowing that eventually his hormones and erect cock will take over whether it’s his daughter or not! after a few moments of cock teasing her daddy seems to “soften” a little on his iphone verdict and nikki knows how to close the deal, now that she’s brought him this far and tells him “daddy, i’ll let you fuck me if you’ll buy me a new iphone”. with his teased, hard cock doing the thinking for him at this point nikki’s daddy agrees and they both strip down.

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