[Taboo Diaries] Amelia Dire - Daddy's Gonna Be Mad


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[Taboo Diaries] Amelia Dire – Daddy’s Gonna Be Mad

Dear Diary,
The night after I filmed Daddy fucking me in the living room I went to tell him about my plan. I couldn’t resist having one last fling before I did though. Daddy and I fucked like crazy and I totally lost track of myself for awhile. Daddy did thing to me that almost made me not want to blackmail him but in the end I had to. Wait til you see daddys reaction.
/ Amelia

http://www.datafile.com/d/TVRrMU5qSTNOVGcF9/Daddy and I fucked .mkv

  • [Taboo Diaries] Amelia Dire – Daddy’s Gonna Be Mad

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