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StepMomFun – Zoey Holloway – Will you give me a pity fuck

 StepMomFun – Zoey Holloway – Will you give me a pity fuck



Zoey Holloway – Will You Give Me A Pity Fuck #2.mp4



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Life has gotten so damn strange. First, your father leaves me and informs me he will continue to pay for my lifestyle as long as you stay living in this house with me. How many men leave their wives to continue being a step mom to a grown son? I am trying the dating thing only to attract the biggest of losers time after time. This latest guy doesn’t even have the nerve to break up with me to my face. He is the one who said we were exclusive and set up a romantic weekend away with me. I show up at his door to see a post it note informing me we are breaking up. I could really use some attention right now. You”re here, I’m here, what do you say to a little fun to help boost my morale? As soon as the divorce papers go through with your dad I wont even be your stepmother so why don’t we get the party started a little early.

The text above is what I got from the actress’s studio. (I’ll quickly describe what happens.) Zoey comes home really upset that her boyfriend just canceled their weekend getaway with a post it note. It’s been a long time since she got laid and is really needing some dick. You’re legal, so would you mind giving her a pity fuck? Technically you’re still her stepson since the divorce hasn’t gone through. But you don’t really mind, do you? You decide to agree to it, so Zoey comes over and sucks you a bit to get you nice and hard. She then takes your hand and gets you to fingerbang her. You make her cum that way and it only turns her on more. Zoey climbs on top and rides you. Eventually things come to an end when you flip to be on top of her and she lets you cum inside.

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