Sandra Latina – The Cinco De Mayo Home Wrecker

  • Sandra Latina – The Cinco De Mayo Home Wrecker


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    I went over to my sisters house for a Cinco De Mayo cookout and decided it was time to finally make my move on her husband. Unfortunately for her husband my sister looks nothing like me nor does she dress half as sexy as I do so therefore I always catch her husband checking me out and starring at my tits and ass. I have been checking out her man and he has a really big bulge that I can see thru his pants so I am assuming he has a much bigger dick than my pathetic little dick husband does. This Cinco De Mayo at our family cookout is the day I decided to have my way with him. I was in the restroom when I heard him passing by so I pulled him the restroom and went straight to the point. I grabbed his cock as I told him that I noticed the way he looks at me all the time and that it’s time he fucks my throat the way he has been dreaming about. He couldn’t believe his ears. I told him that my little dick husband can’t fuck my throat with his little cock because it’s too little and that I know he cant fuck his wife’s throat with that big dick because she is a fat prude that wouldn’t allow him to do that. As I was taking out his cock to suck on it my sister called to ask if I had seen her husband because she couldn’t find him outside so I smirked on the phone and said that he was probably at the store and he would be back shortly. I started sucking her husbands cock with her on the phone and I when she asked me what was that noise that I was doing I said I was licking and savoring on one of the cupcakes she made.HAHAHA Can you believe that she actually believed me? I told her I would be out in a minute and hung up on her. Her husband fucked my throat and enjoyed me sucking on his cock and best of all he loved shooting that big load of cum in my mouth and watching me swallow every last drop of it. Once we finished I stood up, got dressed and picked up my iphone and took a picture of him standing there with his cock covered in lipstick and cum. I am going back outside to show my sister what her husband and I just finished doing OH and I am also going to show my husband the picture so that he can see that I just cucked him and had my mouth filled by another man. I just cucked my husband while wrecking my sisters marriage am I a hot cuckolding home wrecking bitch or what?

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