Primalfetish – Dava’s Full Training Session


Dava’s Full Training Session.mp4


Dava is works at a local college and is very interested in what we do, having had a few of her students come to us

Part 1 Initial conditioning – We begin the process and get Dava to remove he clothes totally unaware and being to train her in mantras.

Part 2 Mindless Orgasms – Now that we have Dava fully conditioned we have her fully nude and she mindlessly masturbates to one powerful orgasm after another

Part 3 Inappropriate Behavior – Being a strong advocate of feminism Dava is going to help us teach young Justing about what is, and is not, appropriate for a young man to say to a grown woman, However, we have Dava unknowingly do everything Justin asks, all the while explaining how Inappropriate it is (stripping, masturbating, being masturbated, blow job, swallowing)

Part 4 Mindless/Willing Sex Slave – Dava is now programmed to switch from mindlessly obedient sex slave to one that is desperately eager please and back again on command

  • Primalfetish – Dava’s Full Training Session

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