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When Mick Blue comes home after two weeks away, Brandi Love forgets about the homecoming meal she’s cooking and goes straight for the gift he’s brought her; a gorgeous pair of lacy blue thongs. He wants to work up an appetite, so he tells her to put them on before he eats. She obliges her man with a sexy strip show, proudly showing off her tiny waist and tight ass in her new thongs. His huge dick is hard by the time she turns around. She gets on all fours and crawls over to give his cock a blow job. Mick takes off the panties, and puts them in her mouth to wet them a little. He balls them up in his hand and feeds them into her pussy with his fingers. Then he double stuffs her pussy with both the panties and his giant dick, before slowly pulling out the lingerie like a strand of erotic beads. The reuniting couple use the panties as a prop while they fuck each other six ways from Sunday (missionary, cowgirl, sideways, reverse cowgirl & doggy style), including panty fetish, pussy-licking, rimming and 69, before he erupts in her face.

  • [Pretty Dirty] – Brandi Love – Thong Stuffing

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