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Powershotz – April – Bird Watched

Powershotz – April – Bird Watched

How naive of her to think that she’s the only predator in the forest. As she struts about photographing birds on private property, she comes in contact with someone that wants to watch her…….Bound nude and gagged in the back of his trailer….legs spread as wide as they will go and nicely quieting gags to cover those bitchy lips as he drives her off to his breeding facility for young girls. The poor girl is put on a mattress for greater comfort…but her arms and neck are stuck in that awful wooden stocks….cruel black ball gag strapped in too tight….and then the legs….spread as wide as they can go and tied off at the ankles…..and the knees are tied out too so that pussy is dreadfully exposed and vulnerable. A man could easily mount and impale her. Then she is flipped over to reveal that skinny tight ass. It’s a good way to keep her held down securely while driving over bumpy terrain. And if he needs a break he can stop and fuck that ass. She hasn’t got a lot of meat on her bones but she’ll keep him warm through the winter if he can keep her from getting loose. 22 Minutes. From Powershotz DVD PZV132


Name: 2927 aprilinseasonmp4
Format: mp4 – Size: 892.48 MB – 00:22:01 – 640 x 480

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